• Jasper Kuipers

    • محل تولد: هلند-Netherlands
    • تاریخ تولد: 1985

    در آیندهوون هلند در سال 1985 به عنوان فرزند دوم متولد شد
    پس از فارغ التحصیلی از
    بخش انیمیشن در آکادمی هنر St Joost در Breda ، Kuipers
    کار خود را به عنوان مدیر مستقل آغاز کرد
    Born in Eindhoven the Netherlands in 1985 as the child of two ceramists
    Jasper Kuipers was brought up with an overabundance of materials to
    play with. From an early age he became fascinated by clay and drawing;
    fascinations that persist to the present day. After graduating from the
    animation department at the art academy St Joost in Breda, Kuipers
    started his practice as freelance director | animator. From his studio
    space in Breda he has worked on a diverse range of commissioned
    projects spanning from educational films and music video’s to
    installations and video projections for theater. Besides his commissioned
    work he has continued to work on independent films in various traditional techniques like
    Claymation, drawn animation and stop-motion with puppets.

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