• Mohammad Reza Mohammadifa

    • محل تولد: اصفهان
    • تاریخ تولد: 1997

    Mohammad Reza Mohammadifard was born on 7th February1997, Isfahan ,Iran, Director, Animator, Screenwriter, and producer. According to his interest in short animation production, he learned related softwares like Maya, After Effect for the beginning. And after gaining some experience in producing short animation, he attended national and international festivals. His first attempt was in 2013, an Juvenile Animation Festevial in Isfahan, Iran in 2013 in which he won the first prize. 3rd place award in Research Week Art Festival, Short Animation part, for "Freedom" Animation, in 2018 3rd place award in Simorgh International Festival, under the Ministry of Health's supervision, in short animation part.

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